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The controversy

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To banish or not to banish?

Still today and this, in spite of the studies proving that it can be without danger when used in a safely manner, people preach the banishment of chrysotile. They say, to who wants to hear it, that chrysotile kills thousands of people. They however forget to tell the small history behind their headline, that is to say the story where it is explained that chrysotile was often mixed with amphiboles - large fibres responsible for cancer and mesothelioma - or was used, in the past, in a negligent way leaving the workers in clouds of dust.

The detractors of chrysotile are right on a point: chrysotile is part of the asbestos family, however, it is the only asbestos fibre comercialized today. But there the comparison stops. Chrysotile fibres, contrary to asbestoses amphiboles formerly used (before the 70s), do not accumulate in the lungs after inhalation. It is thus quite useless to panic in sight of asbestos chrysotile or products containing this fibre. Chrysotile is not the plague, it is not a virus - it is a non flammable natural resource, more resistant than steel and of priceless value since it practically never deteriorates and it is not very expensive.

If people preaching the banishment were really well informed and were using their contacts with the media, in particular, to make public the good and true news about chrysotile, people would not panic any more. On the contrary, they would be reassured of knowing that many cities of the planet were built, irrigated and supplied out of drinking water thanks to chrysotile products, and this, in full safety. Unfortunately, the poor combat they carry out only propagates quite inaccurate information serving only their economic or ideological interests. It is by counting on credible and objective information that citizens can forge their ideas about chrysotile, and it is precisely the goal sought by this Internet site.


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