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May 23 & 24 2006
Montreal (Quebec) Canada

The point on recent research
Scientifically, everything has changed for chrysotile.

The last few years have brought major scientific advances. Regarding biopersistence of fibres, new data (2003) have confirmed identifiable epidemiological differences between chrysotile and amphiboles. Studies published on American, Brazilian and Canadian chrysotile have strengthened and confirmed the results by McDonald and McDonald (1997 study) asserting that amphiboles remain in the lungs while chrysotile is quickly eliminated. Additionally, a complete case review on the subject of asbestos presence in the brakes and friction materials industry (2004) reveals that it is workers exposed to amphiboles who have developed asbestos-related diseases - and not workers exposed to pure chrysotile.

With today’s industrial techniques and work practices, the use of chrysotile in high density products does not represent any significant risk to human health. This fibre provides significant societal benefits to emerging countries, particularly as to sanitary infrastructure construction and housing.

Deep impact

Europe banned asbestos in 1999. This decision was based on the available data at that time. However, over the last six years a number of scientific studies published and still ongoing are providing solid proof that major health hazard differences exist between chrysotile and amphiboles. These studies also present interesting data on the level of risk and distinctions of exposure duration. It is imperative that this recent information be known and widely circulated to an international audience.


The International Chrysotile Conference on Chrysotile in Montreal is intended for scientists, researchers, producers, consumers, business leaders and government and labour representatives. All are invited and urged to join us, engage in objective dialogue and enhance your knowledge about chrysotile. Let’s share. Knowledge may have its limits, but not so with ignorance.

Beyond the scientific emphasis, which will be the heart of the conference, other major topics pertaining to chrysotile and its safe use will be discussed. The conference promises to be a genuine milestone in focusing on relevant, timely and factual issues regarding a valuable, natural substance - chrysotile.

Organized by the Chrysotile Institute and the International Chrysotile Association, the International Chrysotile Conference on Recent Research, Strong Data, New Reality should not be missed.

Recent Research, Strong Data, New Reality