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Introduction :

Mr. Clément Godbout
President, Chrysotile Institute

Mr. Christian Paradis
Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Natural Resources, Canada

Mr. Laurent Lessard
Minister of Labour, Québec

Dr. Jacques Dunnigan, Ph.D.
Toxicologist, Chairperson of the Conference

Speakers :

Dr. David Bernstein, Ph.D. - Consultant in toxicology, Switzerland
» Understanding Chrysotile Asbestos: A new understanding based on current data

Dr. Suresh H. Moolgavkar, Ph.D. - Professor, Epidemiology, U.S.A.
» Asbestos & Cancer: An Update

Dr. Michel Camus, Ph.D. - Ministry of Health, Canada
» Chrysotile : évaluation du modèle de risque EPA

Dr. Sergey V. Kashansky, Mr.D. - Ekaterinburg Medical Research Cente, Russia
» Mesotelioma and Chrysotile in Russia

Dr. Hans Weill, Mr.D. - Tulane University School of Medecine, U.S.A
» Changing Trends in Mesothelioma Incidence

Dr. John Hoskins, Ph.D. - Independant Toxicologist, U.K.
» Current Usage and Health Significance of the Modern Use of Chrysotile Products: Review of Recently Published Evidence

Dr. Nikolai F. Izmerov, Mr.D. - Head, Russian Occupational Health Institute, Russia
» Chrysotile. Russian Experience in Occupational Health

Mr. Luis Cejudo Alva, Arch. - Consultant, Instotuto Mexicano de Fibro-Industrias, Mexico
» Chrysotile in Latin America - Perceptions and Facts

Dr. Vivek Chandra Rao, Mr.D. - Hyderabad Industries, India
» India: The Safe Use Approach of Chrysotile

Mr. Bob J. Pigg - Président, AIA/NA, États-Unis
» Chrysotile: Still Alive in the USA

Mr. John Bridle - President, Asbestos Watchdog, U.K.
» The Great Asbestos Deception

Mr. Denis Hamel, M. ATDR - HEC-Montréal, Canada
» Fibre Emission While Handling Fibrocement and Friction Products

Dr. Dennis C. Paustenbach, Ph.D., H.I.A., DABT - Toxicologist, President, ChemRisk, U.S.A.
» The Roles of Dose Reconstruction and Simulation Studies in Understanding Historical Exposure to Asbestos

Dr. Matiana Ramirez Aguilar, Mr.D., Mr.Sc., D.Sc. - Ministry of Health, COFEPRIS, Mexico
» Government-Industry Agreement: AGREEMENT of actions COFEPRIS-Mexican Institute of Fibro Industries (IMFI) for safe process control and use of asbestos)

Dr. Ericson Bagatin, Mr.D., Ph.D. - Occupational Health Area, Medical Sciences School State University of Campinas, Sao Paulo, Brazil
» Risk Assessment and Health Effects among Asbestos Exposure Workers: A Brazilian Experience

Closure :

Dr. Jacques Dunnigan, Ph.D.
Toxicologist, Chairperson of the Conference

Mr. Gary Nash
Assistant Deputy Minister, Minerals and Metals Sector, Natural Resources, Canada

Mr. Clément Godbout
President, Chrysotile Institute